QualityControl  1.5.1
O2 Data Quality Control Framework
Frequently asked questions

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Are there instructions how to use Git ?

See here.

Coding Guidelines

Where are the Coding Guidelines ?

They are here.

How do I check my code or apply the guidelines ?

See here.


How do I add a dependency to my module ?

We use standard CMake and you should get acquainted with this tool. In the CMakeLists.txt of your module, add the missing dependency to the command target_link_libraries (i.e. the name of the library without "lib" and ".so". For AliceO2 libraries see the next question.

How do I make my module depend on library XXX from AliceO2 ?

Add the library name to the list O2_LIBRARIES_NAMES in FindAliceO2.cmake


Why are my QC processes using 100% CPU ?

When running o2-qc or other qc binaries, the system will show that the processes use 100% of the CPU. This is due to the DPL default rate for the event loop of devices with inputs.

Simply start your binary with --rate 10000 and it should solve the problem. The rate might have to be adapted to your workflow :

1 o2-qc-run-producer | o2-qc --config json://${QUALITYCONTROL_ROOT}/etc/basic.json --rate 10000

CCDB repository

How to see which objects are stored in the CCDB ?

The easiest is to use the QCG (QC GUI). If you use the central test CCDB, you can use the central test QCG. Simply direct your browser to https://qcg-test.cern.ch.

If for some reason you don't want or can't use the QCG, the CCDB provides a web interface accessible at http://ccdb-test.cern.ch:8080/browse/.

How to delete objects from the CCDB ?

By accessing http://ccdb-test.cern.ch:8080/truncate/path/to/folder you will delete all the objects at the given path. Careful with that please ! Don't delete data of others.
In production it will of course not be possible to do so.

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