QualityControl  1.5.1
O2 Data Quality Control Framework
Repository backends benchmark

There is a class, a binary and a script to benchmark backends for the QC repository.


It is the executable that is called to simulate a client for the repository. It accepts a large number of options, not detailed here. Executable is called repositoryBenchmark.

Example execution :

1 o2-qc-repo-benchmark --max-iterations 30
2  --id benchmarkTask_0
3  --mq-config ~/alice/QualityControl/Framework/alfa.json
4  --number-tasks 1
5  --delete 0
6  --control static
7  --size-objects 10
8  --number-objects 10
9  --monitoring-url influxdb-udp://aido2mon-gpn.cern.ch:8087
10  --task-name benchmarkTask_0
11  --database-backend CCDB
12  --database-name ""
13  --database-username ""
14  --database-password ""
15  --database-url ccdb-test.cern.ch:8080
16  --monitoring-threaded 0
17  --monitoring-threaded-interval 5


The FairMQ device that does the actual publication to the repository. It can be configured in terms of objects' size, number of objects published, number of iterations, etc...


A shell script to drive the whole benchmark. It iterates over the possible values of the variables (number of tasks, number of objects published per second, size of the objects) and remotely launches repositoryBenchmark as many times needed on the machine(s).

How to start using it

  1. Edit the bash script repo_benchmarks.sh by modifying the variables NB_OF_TASKS, NB_OF_OBJECTS and SIZE_OBJECTS at the top. They arrays that should contain all the possible values for these three variables.
  2. Find a set of machines and assign the variable NODES accordingly.
  3. Edit the other variables if needed, such as NUMBER_CYCLES, MONITORING_URL DB_*.
  4. Make sure that the QC is installed on the client nodes and that there is the key there for a password-less ssh connection.