QualityControl  1.5.1
O2 Data Quality Control Framework
TriggerHelpers.cxx File Reference
#include "QualityControl/TriggerHelpers.h"
#include "QualityControl/QcInfoLogger.h"
#include <boost/algorithm/string.hpp>
#include <optional>
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std::optional< double > o2::quality_control::postprocessing::trigger_helpers::string2Seconds (std::string str)
TriggerFcn o2::quality_control::postprocessing::trigger_helpers::triggerFactory (std::string trigger, const PostProcessingConfig &config)
 Creates a trigger function by taking its corresponding name.
Trigger o2::quality_control::postprocessing::trigger_helpers::tryTrigger (std::vector< TriggerFcn > &)
 Executes a vector of triggers functions and returns the first trigger which is not TriggerType::No.
std::vector< TriggerFcn > o2::quality_control::postprocessing::trigger_helpers::createTriggers (const std::vector< std::string > &triggerNames, const PostProcessingConfig &config)
 Creates a trigger function vector given trigger names.
bool o2::quality_control::postprocessing::trigger_helpers::hasUserOrControlTrigger (const std::vector< std::string > &)
 Checks if in a given trigger configuration vector there is a UserOrControl trigger. This is trigger cannot be checked as all the others, so we just check if it is requested in the right moments.

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Piotr Konopka