QualityControl  1.5.1
O2 Data Quality Control Framework
Triggers.h File Reference
#include <string>
#include <functional>
#include <iosfwd>
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struct  o2::quality_control::postprocessing::Trigger


using o2::quality_control::postprocessing::TriggerFcn = std::function< Trigger()>


enum  o2::quality_control::postprocessing::TriggerType {
  No = 0, Once, Always, StartOfRun,
  EndOfRun, StartOfFill, EndOfFill, Periodic,
  NewObject, UserOrControl, INVALID
 Possible triggers.


TriggerFcn o2::quality_control::postprocessing::triggers::StartOfRun ()
 Triggers when it detects a Start Of Run during its uptime (once per each)
TriggerFcn o2::quality_control::postprocessing::triggers::EndOfRun ()
 Triggers when it detects an End Of Run during its uptime (once per each)
TriggerFcn o2::quality_control::postprocessing::triggers::StartOfFill ()
 Triggers when it detects Stable Beams during its uptime (once per each)
TriggerFcn o2::quality_control::postprocessing::triggers::EndOfFill ()
 Triggers when it detects an event dump during its uptime (once per each)
TriggerFcn o2::quality_control::postprocessing::triggers::Periodic (double seconds)
 Triggers when a period of time passes.
TriggerFcn o2::quality_control::postprocessing::triggers::NewObject (std::string databaseUrl, std::string objectPath)
 Triggers when it detect a new object in QC repository with given name.
TriggerFcn o2::quality_control::postprocessing::triggers::Once ()
 Triggers only first time it is executed.
TriggerFcn o2::quality_control::postprocessing::triggers::Always ()
 Triggers always.
TriggerFcn o2::quality_control::postprocessing::triggers::Never ()
 Triggers never.

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