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o2::quality_control::checker::AggregatorRunner Class Reference

The class in charge of running the aggregators on the QualityObjects. More...

#include <AggregatorRunner.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AggregatorRunner (const std::string &configurationSource, const vector< framework::OutputSpec > checkRunnerOutputs)
 Constructor. More...
 ~AggregatorRunner () override
void init (framework::InitContext &ctx) override
 AggregatorRunner init callback.
void run (framework::ProcessingContext &ctx) override
 AggregatorRunner process callback.
framework::Inputs getInputs ()
std::string getDeviceName ()

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string createAggregatorRunnerIdString ()
static std::string createAggregatorRunnerName ()
static header::DataDescription createAggregatorRunnerDataDescription (const std::string &aggregatorName)

Detailed Description

The class in charge of running the aggregators on the QualityObjects.

An AggregatorRunner is the device in charge of receiving data, handling the Aggregators and calling them when the data is ready to be processed. It also initializes a few services such as the monitoring. At the moment, the aggregatorRunner also stores these new qualities in the repository. At the moment, it is also a unique process although it could easily be updated to be able to run in parallel.

Barthélémy von Haller

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

o2::quality_control::checker::AggregatorRunner::AggregatorRunner ( const std::string &  configurationSource,
const vector< framework::OutputSpec >  checkRunnerOutputs 


AggregatorRunner constructor Create the AggregatorRunner device.

configurationSourcePath to configuration
checkRunnerOutputsList of checkRunners' output that it will take as inputs.

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