QualityControl  1.5.1
O2 Data Quality Control Framework
o2::quality_control::checker::CheckRunner Class Reference

The class in charge of running the checks on a MonitorObject. More...

#include <CheckRunner.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CheckRunner (std::vector< Check > checks, std::string configurationSource)
 Constructor. More...
 CheckRunner (o2::framework::InputSpec input, std::string configurationSource)
 CheckRunner constructor. More...
 ~CheckRunner () override
void init (framework::InitContext &ctx) override
 CheckRunner init callback.
void run (framework::ProcessingContext &ctx) override
 CheckRunner process callback.
framework::Inputs getInputs ()
framework::Outputs getOutputs ()
void setTaskStoreSet (std::unordered_set< std::string > storeSet)
std::string getDeviceName ()

Static Public Member Functions

static o2::header::DataDescription createCheckRunnerDataDescription (const std::string taskName)
 Unified DataDescription naming scheme for all checkers.
static o2::framework::Inputs createInputSpec (const std::string checkName, const std::string configSource)
static std::string createCheckRunnerIdString ()
static std::string createCheckRunnerName (std::vector< Check > checks)
static std::string createSinkCheckRunnerName (o2::framework::InputSpec input)

Detailed Description

The class in charge of running the checks on a MonitorObject.

A CheckRunner is in charge of loading/instantiating the proper checks for a given MonitorObject, to configure them and to run them on the MonitorObject in order to generate a quality. At the moment, a checker also stores quality in the repository.

TODO Evaluate whether we should have a dedicated device to store in the database.

Barthélémy von Haller

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

o2::quality_control::checker::CheckRunner::CheckRunner ( std::vector< Check checks,
std::string  configurationSource 


CheckRunner constructor

Create CheckRunner device that will perform check operation with defineds checks. Depending on the constructor, it can be a single check device or a group check device. Group check assumes that the input of the checks is the same!

checkNameCheck name from the configuration
checkNamesList of check names, that operate on the same inputs.
configurationSourcePath to configuration
o2::quality_control::checker::CheckRunner::CheckRunner ( o2::framework::InputSpec  input,
std::string  configurationSource 

CheckRunner constructor.

Create a sink for the Input. It is expected to receive Monitor Object to store. It will not run any checks on a given input.

inputMonitor Object input spec.
configSourcePath to configuration

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