QualityControl  1.5.1
O2 Data Quality Control Framework
o2::quality_control_modules::hmpid::HmpidEquipment Class Reference
Collaboration diagram for o2::quality_control_modules::hmpid::HmpidEquipment:

Public Member Functions

 HmpidEquipment (int Equipment, int Cru, int Link)
 ~HmpidEquipment ()
 Destructor : do nothing.
int getEquipmentId ()
int getEquipmentId (int cru, int link)
void init ()
 Inits the members for the decoding.
void resetPadMap ()
 Resets the matrix that contains the results of the decoding.
void resetErrors ()
 Resets the decoding errors statistics.
void setError (int ErrType)
void setPad (int col, int dil, int cha, int charge)

Public Attributes

uint32_t mPadSamples [N_COLUMNS][N_DILOGICS][N_CHANNELS]
int mErrors [MAXERRORS]
int mWillBeRowMarker
int mWillBeSegmentMarker
int mWillBeEoE
int mWillBePad
int mRowSize
int mSegment
int mColumnCounter
int mWordsPerRowCounter
int mWordsPerSegCounter
int mWordsPerDilogicCounter
int mErrorsCounter
int mErrorPadsPerEvent
int mEventNumber
int mNumberOfEvents
float mEventSizeAverage
int mEventSize
int mSampleNumber
float mPadsPerEventAverage
float mBusyTimeValue
float mBusyTimeAverage
int mBusyTimeSamples
int mNumberOfEmptyEvents
int mNumberOfWrongEvents
int mTotalPads
int mTotalErrors

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HmpidEquipment::HmpidEquipment ( int  Equipment,
int  Cru,
int  Link 

Constructor : map the Equipment_ID with the CRU_Id and Link_Id

[in]Equipment: the HMPID EquipmentId [0..13]
[in]Cru: the HMPID Cru [0..3] (FLP160 = 0,1 FLP161 = 2,3)
[in]Link: the FLP Link [0..3]

Member Function Documentation

int HmpidEquipment::getEquipmentId ( int  cru,
int  link 

Return the EquipmentId with the check of CRU_Id and Link_Id

[in]cru: FLP CRU Id [0..3]
[in]link: CRU Link Id [0..3]
the Equipment Id
void HmpidEquipment::setError ( int  ErrType)

Setup an error by type TODO : control of array boundary

[in]ErrType: the Decoding error type [0..MAXERRORS]
void HmpidEquipment::setPad ( int  col,
int  dil,
int  cha,
int  charge 

Set the charge value of a pad into the three statistics matrix : Entries, Sum of charge, Sum of Charge squares

[in]col: column [0..23]
[in]dil: dilogic [0..9]
[in]cha: channel [0..47]
[in]charge: the value of the charge

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