QualityControl  1.5.1
O2 Data Quality Control Framework
o2::quality_control_modules::muonchambers::Decoder Class Reference

decoding of MCH data More...

#include <Decoding.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Decoder ()
 ~Decoder ()
void initialize ()
void processData (const char *buf, size_t size)
void decodeRaw (uint32_t *payload_buf, size_t nGBTwords, int cru_id, int link_id)
void decodeUL (uint32_t *payload_buf, size_t nWords, int cru_id, int dpw_id)
void clearHits ()
void clearDigits ()
std::vector< SampaHit > & getHits ()
std::vector< o2::mch::Digit > & getDigits ()
void reset ()
int32_t getMapCRU (int cruid, int linkid)
bool getMapCRUInv (int32_t link_id, int32_t &cruid, int32_t &crulink)
int32_t getMapFEC (uint32_t link_id, uint32_t ds_addr, uint32_t &de, uint32_t &dsid)
int32_t getMapFECinv (uint32_t de, uint32_t dsid, uint32_t &link_id, uint32_t &ds_addr)
MapFECgetMapFEC ()

Detailed Description

decoding of MCH data

Andrea Ferrero

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