QualityControl  1.5.1
O2 Data Quality Control Framework
TOF Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for TOF:


file  CheckCompressedData.h [code]
 Checker for the raw compressed data for TOF.
file  CheckDiagnostics.h [code]
 Checker dedicated to the study of low level raw data diagnostics words.
file  CheckRawMultiplicity.h [code]
 Checker for the raw hit multiplicity obtained with the TaskDigits.
file  CheckRawTime.h [code]
 Checker for TOF raw times.
file  CheckRawToT.h [code]
 Checker for TOF Raw data on ToT.
file  PostProcessDiagnosticPerCrate.h [code]
 Post processing to rearrange TOF information at the level of the crate (maybe we should do the opposite..)
file  TaskCompressedData.h [code]
 Task To monitor data converted from TOF compressor, it implements a dedicated decoder from DecoderBase.
file  TaskDiagnostics.h [code]
 Task to check the diagnostic words of TOF crates received trough the TOF compressor. Here are defined the counters to check the diagnostics words of the TOF crates obtained from the compressor. This is why the DiagnosticCounter class derives from DecoderBase: it reads data from the decoder.
file  TaskDigits.h [code]
 Task to monitor quantities in TOF digits in both data and MC.