QualityControl  1.5.1
O2 Data Quality Control Framework
o2::quality_control_modules::muonchambers::DualSampa Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for o2::quality_control_modules::muonchambers::DualSampa:

Public Attributes

int id
DualSampaStatus status
uint64_t data
int bit
uint64_t powerMultiplier
int nsyn2Bits
Sampa::SampaHeaderStruct header
unsigned long bxc [2]
int32_t csize
int32_t ctime
int32_t cid
int32_t sample
int chan_addr [2]
uint64_t packetsize
int nbHit
int nbHitChan [64]
int ndata [2][32]
int nclus [2][32]
double pedestal [2][32]
double noise [2][32]
int32_t min [2][32]
int32_t max [2][32]
int32_t delta [2][32]
SampaHit hit

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