Release process

This is to document the release process of O2

Creating a release

Creation of a release can be done in several ways, however this is the preferred workflow:

  • Create a branch in alidist called O2-<O2-tag>-patches.
  • Replace all the occurences of the old <O2-tag> with the new ones and commit on the newly created patches branch.
  • Create a release in alidist called O2-<O2-tag> using the O2-<O2-tag>-01-patches branch.
  • Create a release in O2 called <O2-tag> using your branch of choice.

The last step will trigger a build in Jenkins.

Once the release is built. You can create a pull request in alidist from the branch O2-<O2-tag>-patches so that master uses a specific release. You should also do a pull request from the dev branch of AliceO2 to the master branch, making sure it is fast forwaded, in case the release was cut from the tip of it. This will guarantee that master always uses the latest released version of O2.

Guided process

Please specify a proper tag in the format vX.Y.Z[a-z] to start the process.