Work Packages

The O2 system is organised in 3 projects: EPN, FLP, PDP. There are 17 work packages, each of them belonging to a single project. Do not hesitate to contact the responsible of a Work Package should you have a question or need help with the corresponding component.

WP Description Responsible
WP1 Data Model Mikolaj Krzewicki
WP2 Data Flow and System Simulation Iosif Legrand
WP3 Common Tools and Software infrastructure Dario Berzano
WP4 O2 Software Framework Giulio Eulisse
WP5 Data distribution and load balancing Gvozden Neskovic
WP6 Detector readout Filippo Costa
WP7 Data Quality Control Barthélémy von Haller
WP8 Control, Configuration and Monitoring Vasco Barroso
WP9 Event Display Julian Myrcha
WP10 CCDB Costin Grigoras
WP11 ALFA Mohammad Al-Turany
WP12 Detector Simulation Sandro Wenzel
WP13 Reconstruction and Calibration Ruben Shahoyan
WP14 Analysis framework and facilities Peter Hristov
WP15 Data Management Latchezar Betev
WP16 Computing Room CR1 (FLP) Ulrich Fuchs
WP17 Computing Room CR0 (EPN) Johannes Lehrbach


  1. Question: What are these Computing Working Groups (CWG) ?
    Answer: Before Work Packages (WP) we had Computing Working Groups.
  2. Question: Is there a more detailed description of these work packages ?
    Answer: One can find such descriptions in this document.