Code organisation

All the ALICE O2 code is stored in the AliceO2Group GitHub group. It is divided into 10 repositories, ranging from the pretty large, like AliceO2, to smaller common modules, such as Monitoring or QualityControl. We try to stay on the thin line between 1 huge monolithic repository and a multitude of tiny inter-coupled repositories.

The detector specific code usually goes to AliceO2 (simulation, reconstruction and calibration) or to QualityControl.

Here is the list of our software repositories :

  1. AliceO2 - Doxygen
    The ALICE O2 software repository contains the framework, as well as the detector specific, code for the reconstruction, calibration and simulation for the ALICE experiment at CERN for Run 3 and 4. It also encompasses the commonalities such as the data format, and the global algorithms like the global tracking.
    The code organization of this specific repository is explained here.
  2. Control
  3. Configuration - Doxygen
  4. Monitoring - Doxygen
  5. DataDistribution
  6. InfoLogger - Docs
  7. QualityControl - Doxygen
    Framework and infrastructure for all aspects related to the quality of the data (traditionally called online Data Quality Monitoring, DQM, and offline Quality Assurance, QA).
  8. Readout
  9. ReadoutCard
  10. WebUi