Electromagnetic probes (EM) analysis framework

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In the past several O2 hands-on sessions have been taken placed. A list of the most recent ones in DQ, can be found here.


Coordinators: Raphaelle Bailhache, Mike Sas

Mattermost channel: EM LMEE O2


  • The codebase can be found in the PWGEM directory.


Due to a large overlap with the PWGDQ, the low mass dielectron tasks are using some tasks of the framework from DQ.

  • TableMaker.cxx Is used to produced skimmed data tables for EM analysis from central barrel and muon AODs based on selected event information, barrel track and muon track information.
  • TableReader.cxx Analyze EM skimmed data tables. This workflow runs a few tasks: event selection, barrel track selection, muon track selection, same event pairing, event mixing, and dilepton hadron combinations.
  • dileptonEE.cxx It refers to The dielectron analysis task. It's a derivative of the tableReader, but with electron only informations. takes tracks flaged as « electron » and creates Pairs calculating mass, rapidity, pT.
  • emEfficiencyEE.cxx Task to calculate the dielectron efficiency.
  • v0gammaQA.cxx

Neutral Meson and Photon


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